Golden Beach Luxury Homes

Introduction to Golden Beach Luxury Homes

Golden beach is a neighboring community that borders the Sunny Isles. It is a residential community found to the north of Sunny Isles. The real estate in this area is made up of property of different varieties ranging from three bedrooms to as large as seven to eight bedrooms. It also consists of homes next to the coast which give the natural ambience of the coast. Majority of homes constructed next to any home always provide the luxury and holiday that come with beaches and the coast. Despite the size of Golden Beach, it has some of the most luxurious homes in South Florida. Unlike the Sunny Isles which mainly consists of condominiums the Golden Beach mainly consists of luxurious homes. They are known as intra-coastal homes. These homes tend to form the beach experience and are reasonably private. These luxury homes have a large waterfront view. The homes are made to have a wider view for the occupants to have a large view of the activities taking place in the water area. Such activities include boat riding, boat fishing and other water based activities.

The atmosphere at the Golden Beach Luxury Homes

One major characteristic of Golden Beach real estate is that they are designed to host nuclear families. The nuclear families are small in size with one or two children. At most a family may have three children. With such small family sizes in almost all the households, the population at Golden beach is low. The less number of people makes it an area that is easy to manage in terms of administration. Social public services are well distributed to almost all members of this society. The environment is as quiet as that of Southern California. It is easy for the Golden Beach to be quiet as a result of the low number of the population.

The real estate market for Golden Beach Luxury homes is at an all-time high all the year round. Golden Beach is a small community that is located between Miami Beach, Hollywood Beach and Downtown Miami. The desire to stay in this area is high because of the quiet ambience and natural environment that it offers. All people desire to stay in quiet coastal homes which provide the most desired quiet rest offered by the Golden Beach luxury homes. The breeze that comes from the waterfronts and the Atlantic Ocean offers the much desired luxury from a tired day’s work. Other individuals also desire to have their holidays in small cottages that offer accommodations to visitors and foreigners. Guests may visit from Hollywood or from Miami. This forms the group of regular visitors.


The characteristics of Golden Beach real estate homes

Since the demand of the luxury homes is high in Golden Beach, the cost of these homes is also relatively high. They may range from $5 000 000 to as high as $20 000 000. This is the average range. The prices can go higher than $20 000 000 and yet they are homes that are considered single unit homes capable of hosting small units.

This area is mainly regulated to have single family residential units and commercial properties are not allowed. The high right construction are also not allowed in this locality. The homes have a common feature of the front compound area. The front can be used as parking area which can host several cars. It also has beautiful flower gardens within the compound. It is also important to note that coconut trees and palm trees grow freely in this area. When tended properly, they form a nice garden together with the flowers. These two species of trees are a good source of fresh air too.

Another common feature of Golden Beach luxury homes as well as Miami Beach homes for sale  is that the backyard faces the Atlantic Ocean. This forms the main area that qualifies these homes as luxury homes. The residents of this upmarket community have several leisure things in the backyard. There are leisure seats that face the beach. Some areas are designated for swimming for both adults and children. Some of the seats are placed in small coastal cottages that face the ocean at the beach. Other individuals may hold small meetings in this area.

In between the front yard and the back yard is the luxury home. The homes may be made in such a way to have a view of the Atlantic Ocean and the distant Sunny Isles Beach. This offers a very beautiful view even in the night.

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